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Coffee Cup Filled with Chewy Fruits (Skittle Look Alike) 50G

Small Decorative Coffee Cup filled with 50g bag of Chewy Fruits (Skittle Look Alike)

Colours Chewy Fruit: Any mix of White, Blue, Green, Red, Yellow & Orange

Flavours : White - Raspberry, Blue - Passionfruit, Green - Apple, Red - Strawberry, Yellow - Pineapple & Orange - Orange

Old Code        :      CC064D

New Code      :      CC064D

62mmH x 69mm Diameter (Top)

Full Colour Sticker

Moon Sticker: 48mmW x 37mmH
Wrap Around Sticker: 194mmW x 72mmH
Lid Sticker: 38mm Diameter


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New Codes






Full Colour MOON sticker

Full Colour MOON & LID stickers

Full Colour WRAP AROUND sticker

Full Colour WRAP AROUND & LID stickers

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